End of National Novel Writing Month 2014

My goal is write 50,000 words this year/month failed. I even stopped posting blogs about my progress even though I said I would try to write everyday. Thinking back on last month, I realized that I made a few mistakes.

First, I don’t think I was ready to write again. I have been editing a previous NaNoWriMo for the last year or so and I think my editor self didn’t want to take a break. I never thought of this year piece as something I could have fun with; I always thought about it as something to be written well.

Secondly, I didn’t prepare enough. Not only did I not get into the mind set of writing again, I feel like Tattoos, Bones and Death wasn’t given a chance to flush out, by notes, on paper. I started writing on a whim. I also stuck to my outline and didn’t allow any creativity to form in my head.

Thirdly, I started to think of my piece as a chore. It had to be something that I needed to write because I had to and not because I wanted to; like at the beginning.

Overall, I knew college homework was going to be a priority at the very beginning. I just wished I had been more disciplined on writing Tattoos, Bones and Death.

My plan this month to finish that novel I have been editing. I won’t be starting Tattoos, Bones and Death until later. I’m still going to write the series; I just need a little more time.

Hopefully in the future, I will keep writing the story. I really like the overall plot and idea that I had about it in the beginning. I think when I start writing it again, I will have more an idea about the overall arc of the series and the novel as a whole. To all those who actually read this blog and the chapters I posted up: Thanks so much for the support (and the follows).

Last word count: 21,772

Day Six

I have completely thrown away my plot chart. I do have a few scenes I want to add which forces the story, so to speak, into the same vague direction I wanted it to go in the first place. Now, I’m just writing what comes to mind and hopefully it all makes sense. I do have to remind myself that I can always go back and edit but I find it difficult to convince my editor brain to turn off for this month. I’ve been using that mode for a few years now and I guess she has made a permanent niche in my brain.

For this chapter, let just say that it was very difficult to end. I didn’t know where exactly I wanted to go with that chapter, it just happened. At least, I have some vague idea of what I want the next chapter to be about. Until next time.

I posted the chapter here.

Word count: 10,131

Day Five

It was only yesterday that I mentioned how chapter five of Tattoos, Bones and Death was difficult to write. I didn’t lie but today wasn’t much better. In part because I realized that my rough drafts are really bad. Which, I have to admit, is the point of writing for National Novel Writing Month. The thought about my writing not being good took hold of me for the majority of the afternoon and well into the evening. Truth be told, I was complementing the idea whether to stop writing Tattoos, Bones and Death. My writing hasn’t gone remotely to where I planned it and the words aren’t coming out the way I want them to.

However, I decided – vaguely, though I doubt this is possible – that I will continue to write Tattoos, Bones and Death without worrying that my writing isn’t the best at the moment. After all, that is what editing is all about. I added the chapter here. I do like to mention that I did reach my goal for today and I was able to finish the chapter.

Current word count: 8547

Day Three

I was able to hit my mark today, again, plus more. Somehow I feel like this chapter is a bit boring but I promise you that it is important. I’m setting the stage for the entire book. It is also a bit slow, in my opinion but I do like this chapter. By now I think we have an understanding of Angela’s (the main character) relationship with her mom. This is just more set up for later conflict. To whoever has taken the time to read the first few chapters, you have my deepest gratitude.

You can read it here.

word count: 5400

Publishing Novel

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t so sure about publishing my NaNoWriMo novel. However, I thought more about it and I shall be posting the chapters up on Wattpad. I have included the link so if you want to check it out then feel. I will warn you that it won’t be edited though I will do my best to have my grammar fixed and everything smoothed out. Hopefully, all those you enjoy the story and have thoughts on it, will leave a comment. I really want positive feedback and helpful criticism. Thanks to the awesome people of wattpad, I have many covers for my story. I need to work on my cast as well but I have some idea of who I want; though I’m not saying just yet. Y’all have to wait until the first chapter is published. Speaking of publishing, I will probably writing the story out on paper then transferring it to a word document. I’ll be switching between the two. I’ll try my hardest to post a chapter everyday but don’t quote me on it. I do have to attend college and it’s not easy balancing a job, school and writing. However, I will do my very best to do so this month.