End of National Novel Writing Month 2014

My goal is write 50,000 words this year/month failed. I even stopped posting blogs about my progress even though I said I would try to write everyday. Thinking back on last month, I realized that I made a few mistakes.

First, I don’t think I was ready to write again. I have been editing a previous NaNoWriMo for the last year or so and I think my editor self didn’t want to take a break. I never thought of this year piece as something I could have fun with; I always thought about it as something to be written well.

Secondly, I didn’t prepare enough. Not only did I not get into the mind set of writing again, I feel like Tattoos, Bones and Death wasn’t given a chance to flush out, by notes, on paper. I started writing on a whim. I also stuck to my outline and didn’t allow any creativity to form in my head.

Thirdly, I started to think of my piece as a chore. It had to be something that I needed to write because I had to and not because I wanted to; like at the beginning.

Overall, I knew college homework was going to be a priority at the very beginning. I just wished I had been more disciplined on writing Tattoos, Bones and Death.

My plan this month to finish that novel I have been editing. I won’t be starting Tattoos, Bones and Death until later. I’m still going to write the series; I just need a little more time.

Hopefully in the future, I will keep writing the story. I really like the overall plot and idea that I had about it in the beginning. I think when I start writing it again, I will have more an idea about the overall arc of the series and the novel as a whole. To all those who actually read this blog and the chapters I posted up: Thanks so much for the support (and the follows).

Last word count: 21,772