Story Arc, Subplot and Relationships

I love reference books and highlighting everything that I find useful. A sudden thought popped into my head: where do I want Tattoos, Bones and Death to go? Not to mention, what are my subplots. With this in mind, I grabbed Writing the Paranormal Novel off my shelf and flipped to the section labeled subplots. I re-read all my marks and thus started to create the overall arc for my series. For, I am writing a series because the entire story can’t be told in one book. Plus, there’s a lot more of my world to discover.

Now, I have a good chunk of knowledge about the real culprit of Tattoos, Bones and Death. Thanks to this discover, I can now work on the long term relationship between my characters and how that’s going to complicate their goals. The arc will also show my characters’ development over time and it should be interesting to see it all play out. Now, on to writing out the current relationship (in the story) with one another.

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